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Jannek Squar

Telephone+49 40 460094-420
AddressDKRZ, room 108


Jannek Squar got his B.Sc. in Computing in Science with focus on physics and obtained his M.Sc. in Computer Science at Universität Hamburg. As a student he worked for several years as a teaching assistant in various fields like “Formal Foundations of Computer Science” and “Algorithms and Data Structures”. Since November 2016 he has been employed as a scientific researcher at the working group Scientific Computing for the project “i_SSS - integrated Support System for Sustainability”. His research interests include intra-node and inter-node parallelism and high performance computing in general.



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  • Einsatz von Beschleunigerkarten für das Postprocessing großer Datensätze, Jannek Squar (Bachelor's Thesis), Advisors: Petra Nerge, Dr. Michael Kuhn, 2014-12-03, Thesis BibTeX URL