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Possibilities for Participation

The offered positions are already open and available, so do not hesitate to contact us in time to signalize your interest in the position. Also, mentioned deadlines in the official job announcements can get extended if we do not find appropriate candidates in time.


We are looking for students to support us as SHK in research. Due to changing fields of activity, please contact Anna Fuchs or Jannek Squar without obligation so that we can introduce you to current topics.


Do you have experience with C? We are looking for people interested in offering a C tutorial, which will take place parallel to our WiSe lecture on high-performance computing. The aim is to make it easier for students to get started with C and to explain constructs that appear in the current/upcoming task sheets. The focus here is on the C language and not on the actual content of the parallel exercise groups.

Have you already heard high performance computing? We are looking for people interested in leading one or more exercise groups in the winter semester.


DKRZ is now looking for Python developers for data archiving with the following sample tasks:

  • extension pytests for pyslk
  • to discuss: Extension or new setup slk_helpers testing (continue testing CLI with bash scripts vs. e.g. switch to JUnit)
  • Secure handling of StrongLink login tokens in GitLab CI pipelines
  • Set up Docker containers with slk
  • Customize testing to test on the StrongLink test system in the future
  • Support update user documentation for new versions pyslk/slk_helpers (mainly done by DKRZ employees)
  • Improvement of pyslk source code
  • Adaptation of pyslk for new versions of slk / slk_helpers

If you have any questions or are interested, please contact Anna Fuchs or Jannek Squar.


Please also check our list of previous theses and contact the appropriate advisors if you find something interesting.

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