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Open theses and jobs

The offered positions are already open and available, so do not hesitate to contact us in time to signalize your interest in the position. Also, mentioned deadlines in the official job announcements can get extended if we do not find appropriate candidates in time.


Ab sofort sucht das DKRZ Python-Entwickler für Datenarchivierung mit folgenden Beispielaufgaben:

  • Erweiterung pytests für pyslk
  • zu diskutieren: Erweiterung oder Neuaufsetzen slk_helpers Testing (CLI weiter mit bash Skripten testen vs. z.B. zu JUnit wechseln)
  • Sichere Handhabung StrongLink Login Tokens in GitLab CI Pipelines
  • Docker Container mit slk aufsetzen
  • Anpassen des Testing, um in Zukunft auf dem StrongLink Testsystem zu testen
  • Unterstützung Update Nutzerdoku bei neuen Versionen pyslk/slk_helpers (wird Hauptsächlich von DKRZ Mitarbeiter gemacht)
  • Verbesserung pyslk Quellcode
  • Anpassung pyslk bei neuen Versionen des slk / der slk_helpers

Bei Fragen oder Interesse bitte bei Anna Fuchs oder Jannek Squar melden.


Enhancing OpenMP for Parallelizing Input/Output in Shared Memory Applications

OpenMP has become a cornerstone for parallelizing computations in shared-memory environments. However, a crucial aspect often overlooked is the parallelization of input and output (I/O) operations within applications. This topic aims to explore the untapped potential of extending OpenMP to parallelize the serial aspects of I/O operations in shared-memory applications. Objectives

Research Component

  • Conduct a comprehensive literature review on existing parallelization strategies for I/O operations for shared memory systems.
  • Utilize code search engines (e.g., for GitHub) to identify serial applications with potential for I/O parallelization.
  • Evaluate current practices and challenges related to I/O operations in shared-memory applications.

Development Component

  • Introduce a novel pragma to OpenMP for recalculating file offsets and managing file handlers in parallel.
  • Develop a proof-of-concept implementation showcasing the effectiveness of the proposed pragma.
  • Implement necessary modifications to OpenMP runtime to support the new parallelization approach.

The topic is suitable for both a Bachelor's and a Master's thesis and can be worked on in either English or German. If you have any questions or are interested, please reach out to Anna Fuchs or Jannek Squar.

Please also check our list of previous theses and contact the appropriate advisors if you find something interesting.

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