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Scientific Computing // Wissenschaftliches Rechnen

The group Scientific Computing conducts research and development on high performance storage systems. We develop HPC concepts and apply them to simulation software with a focus on earth system models.

The group offers products for research and teaching, and contributes to third-party projects.


  • 2023-10: In cooperation with DKRZ we have offered again a beginner's course about Python in earth sciences.
  • 2022-12: Next ISC will be in Hamburg. If you are interested in gathering experiences regarding a scientific conference about computer science, you could apply as a student volunteer.
  • 2022-11: Due to maintenance we have to shutdown our systems (including this website) from 2022-11-10 to 2022-11-14
  • 2022-10: In cooperation with DKRZ we have organized a german invited Lustre Workshop with great talks and discussion about national development and contributions to the Lustre project

Lehre im Sommersemester 2024

Vorlesungszeit: 2024-04-02 – 2024-07-13

Recent publications

Recent theses

  • Modelling MPI Communication using Colored Petri Nets (Tronje Krabbe), Master's Thesis, 2023-07-24, ThesisPublication details
  • A Multi-purpose Framework for Efficient Parallelized Execution of Charged Particle Tracking (Georgiana Mania), PhD Thesis, 2023-07-12, ThesisPublication detailsURL
  • System profiling and data aggregation for smart compression in Lustre (Pablo Correa Gómez), Master's Thesis, 2022-08-17, ThesisPublication details
  • Vecpar OpenMP Prototype for Particle Physics Example (Henning Lindemann), Bachelor's Thesis, 2023-08-10, ThesisPublication details
  • Data-Aware Compression for HPC using Machine Learning (Julius Plehn), Master's Thesis, 2022-05-09, ThesisPublication details

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