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Products and Contributions

Scientific Computing Products


Our member Christian Hovy has built a unit test generator for individual procedures of large Fortran applications (for example, climate models). It is based on Capture & Replay, that is, it uses data from the original application as test data for the tested procedure. The FortranTestGenerator is available on GitHub.

Contributions to Third-Party Projects


The group contributes heavily to the Spack package manager. It can be used to easily install scientific software and is available on GitHub.


The group contributes to the Lustre file system. Among some smaller changes, work is underway for native compression support (see IPCC for Lustre).


Sven Schmidt, a student supervised by members of the group, has updated lz4fast in Linux. The improvements can be found in versions 4.11 and later; for more information, see LWN.


Alexander Droste, a student supervised by members of the group, has contributed a static analyzer for MPI applications to the LLVM compiler infrastructure. More information can be found on GitHub.


Christian Hovy has contributed to Serialbox2, a serialization library for C/C++, Python3 and Fortran that is used by the FortranTestGenerator. The development is lead by CSCS and it is available at GitHub.

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