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The Centre of Excellence in Simulation of Weather and Climate in Europe (ESiWACE) is a H2020 funded project.

Within the project, our research group is responsible for DKRZ's contribution to work package 4 (Exploitability).

Please see the official web page of ESiWACE for further information.

Contact (for WP4 contribution of DKRZ) Dr. Julian Kunkel

Contact (for other WPs of ESiWACE) Dr. Philipp Neumann


Goals for WP4

  • Modelling costs for storage methods and understanding these
  • Modelling tape archives and costs
  • Flexible disk storage layouts for earth system data

Collaboration partners for WP4

  • DKRZ
  • STFC
  • CMCC
  • Seagate

Flexible Storage Layout for Earth-System Data

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