Scientific Computing // Wissenschaftliches Rechnen

The group Scientific Computing conducts research and development on high performance storage systems. We develop HPC concepts and apply them to simulation software with a focus on earth system models.

The group offers products for research and teaching, and contributes to third-party projects.


Lehre im Sommersemester 2018

Recent publications

  • Poster: ESiWACE: Performance Predictions for Storm-Resolving Simulations of the Climate System, 2018-07-03 BibTeX
  • Mission possible: Unify HPC and Big Data stacks towards application-defined blobs at the storage layer, 2018-07 BibTeX URL DOI
  • Poster: A user-controlled GGDML Code Translation Technique for Performance Portability of Earth System Models, 2018-06-26 BibTeX URL
  • Poster: ESiWACE: Centre of Excellence in Simulation of Weather and Climate in Europe, 2018-06-26 BibTeX
  • Poster: Performance Conscious HPC (PeCoH) – 2018, 2018-06-26 BibTeX URL Publication

Recent theses

Ongoing projects