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Scientific Computing // Wissenschaftliches Rechnen

The group Scientific Computing conducts research on high performance storage systems, energy efficiency, and simulation of cluster infrastructure. We have expertise in parallel programming and environmental modeling.

Further information about our mission.

Lehre im Wintersemester 2016/2017



Ongoing projects

Recent publications

  • Interdisciplinary Teamwork in HPC Education: Challenges, Concepts, and Outcomes (Philipp Neumann, Christoph Kowitz, Felix Schranner, Dmitrii Azarnykh), In Journal of Parallel and Distributed Computing, (Editors: Sushil Prasad), Elsevier, ISSN: 0743-7315, accepted, 2017
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  • Lattice Boltzmann Flow Simulation on Android Devices for Interactive Mobile-Based Learning (Philipp Neumann, Michael Zellner), In Euro-Par 2016: Parallel Processing Workshops, Euro-Par 2016, Grenoble, ISBN: accepted, 2017
  • High Performance Shallow Water Kernels for Parallel Overland Flow Simulations Based on FullSWOF2D (Roland Wittmann, Hans-Joachim Bungartz, Philipp Neumann), In Computers and Mathematics with Applications, (Editors: Jose Galan-Garcia), Elsevier, ISSN: 0898-1221, accepted, 2017
  • Poster: Analyzing Data Properties using Statistical Sampling Techniques – Illustrated on Scientific File Formats and Compression Features (Julian Kunkel), Frankfurt, ISC High Performance 2015, 2016-21-06 – Awards: Best Poster
    BibTeX Publication
  • Poster: Predicting I/O-performance in HPC using Artificial Neural Networks (Jan Fabian Schmid, Julian Kunkel), Frankfurt, ISC High Performance 2015, 2016-21-06
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Recent theses

  • Evaluation von alternativen Speicherszenarien für hierarchische Speichersysteme, Marc Perzborn (Bachelor's Thesis), Advisors: Dr. Julian Kunkel, 2016-10-31, Thesis BibTeX
  • MPI-3 algorithms for 3D radiative transfer on Intel Xeon Phi coprocessors, Jannek Squar (Master's Thesis), Advisors: Peter Hauschildt, Dr. Michael Kuhn, 2016-10-20, BibTeX
  • Suitability Analysis of GPUs and CPUs for Graph Algorithms, Kristina Tesch (Bachelor's Thesis), Advisors: Dr. Michael Kuhn, 2016-09-27, BibTeX
  • Leistungs- und Genauigkeitsanalyse numerischer Löser für Differentialgleichungen, Joel Graef (Bachelor's Thesis), Advisors: Fabian Große, Dr. Michael Kuhn, 2016-09-12, BibTeX
  • Performanceanalyse der Ein-/Ausgabe des Ökologiemodells ECOHAM5, Simon Kostede (Master's Thesis), Advisors: Dr. Michael Kuhn, Fabian Große, Dr. Hermann Lenhart, 2016-08-22, BibTeX

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