Scientific Computing // Wissenschaftliches Rechnen

The group Scientific Computing conducts research on high performance storage systems, energy efficiency, and simulation of cluster infrastructure. We have expertise in parallel programming and environmental modeling.

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Lehre im Sommersemester 2018

Recent publications

  • Poster: Automatic Profiling for Climate Modeling, 2018-04-17 BibTeX URL Publication
  • A Survey of Storage Systems for High-Performance Computing, 2018-04 BibTeX URL DOI
  • SkaSim - Skalierbare HPC-Software für molekulare Simulationen in der chemischen Industrie, 2018-02-01 BibTeX DOI
  • Towards Decoupling the Selection of Compression Algorithms from Quality Constraints – an Investigation of Lossy Compression Efficiency, 2017-12 BibTeX URL DOI
  • A holistic scalable implementation approach of the lattice Boltzmann method for CPU/GPU heterogeneous clusters, 2017-11-30 BibTeX DOI

Recent theses

Ongoing projects