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Open theses and jobs

The offered positions are already open and available, so do not hesitate to contact us in time to signalize your interest in the position. Also, mentioned deadlines in the official job announcements can get extended if we do not find appropriate candidates in time.


We currently do not have any open positions.


Due to the fast-changing nature of our research topics, maintaining a list of thesis topics usually does not make sense. Please check our list of previous theses and contact the appropriate advisors if you find something interesting. There are also some thesis guidelines available (in German).

We are of course also open to proposals. If you have own ideas that you think may be interesting for the group, please come and talk to us.

Open Theses Topics:

  • Gathering Job/Environment Information in SLURM + MPI Cluster Environments Details
  • High-Level I/O Scheduling in Middleware for Scientific Applications Details
  • Range Trees to Efficiently access N-Dimensional Data for Storage and Caching Details
  • Formal Data Center Description Format for Site-Aware Middleware Details
  • Formal Description Format for Tunables in Heteoregenous Storage Environments Details
  • Metadata Services for I/O Middleware using MongoDB Details
  • Performance Estimation and Mapping of Structured Data to POSIX-like File Systems Details
  • Performance Estimation and Mapping of Structured Data to Parallel File Systems like Lustre Details
  • Performance Estimation and Mapping of Structered Data to Object Storage Details
  • Molecular-continuum flow simulation with MaMiCo and ESPResSo++ Details
  • Flow simulation on smartphones (various topics) Details
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