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-====== Open theses and jobs ====== 
-The offered positions are already open and available, so do not hesitate to contact us in time to signalize your interest in the position. 
-Also, mentioned deadlines in the official job announcements can get extended if we do not find appropriate candidates in time. 
-===== Jobs ===== 
-We currently do not have any open positions. 
-===== Theses ===== 
-Due to the fast-changing nature of our research topics, maintaining a list of thesis topics usually does not make sense. 
-Please check our list of [[research:​theses|previous theses]] and contact the appropriate [[people:​|advisors]] if you find something interesting. 
-There are also some [[teaching:​organisatorische_hinweise#​abschlussarbeiten|thesis guidelines]] available (in German). 
-We are of course also open to proposals. 
-If you have own ideas that you think may be interesting for the group, please come and talk to us. 
-__Open Theses Topics:__ 
-  * Gathering Job/​Environment Information in SLURM + MPI Cluster Environments {{research:​projects:​esiwace:​gathering_job_and_environment_information_on_slurm_mpi_clusters.pdf | Details }} 
-  * High-Level I/O Scheduling in Middleware for Scientific Applications {{research:​projects:​esiwace:​high-level_io_scheduling_in_middleware_for_scientific_applications.pdf | Details }} 
-  * Range Trees to Efficiently access N-Dimensional Data for Storage and Caching {{research:​projects:​esiwace:​range_trees_to_efficiently_access_n-dimensional_data_for_storage_and_caching.pdf | Details }} 
-  * Formal Data Center Description Format for Site-Aware Middleware {{research:​projects:​esiwace:​formal_data_center_description_format_for_site-aware_middleware.pdf | Details }} 
-  * Formal Description Format for Tunables in Heteoregenous Storage Environments {{research:​projects:​esiwace:​formal_description_format_for_tunables_in_heteoregenous_storage_environments.pdf | Details }} 
-  * Metadata Services for I/O Middleware using MongoDB {{research:​projects:​esiwace:​metadata_services_for_io_middleware_using_mongodb.pdf | Details }} 
-  * Performance Estimation and Mapping of Structured Data to POSIX-like File Systems {{research:​projects:​esiwace:​performance_estimation_and_mapping_of_structured_data_to_posix-like_file_systems.pdf | Details }} 
-  * Performance Estimation and Mapping of Structured Data to Parallel File Systems like Lustre {{research:​projects:​esiwace:​performance_estimation_and_mapping_of_structured_data_to_parallel_file_systems_like_lustre.pdf | Details }} 
-  * Performance Estimation and Mapping of Structered Data to Object Storage {{research:​projects:​esiwace:​performance_estimation_and_mapping_of_structered_data_to_object_storage.pdf | Details }} 
-  * Molecular-continuum flow simulation with MaMiCo and ESPResSo++ {{research:​projects:​talpas:​espressopp-mamico.pdf | Details }} 
-  * Flow simulation on smartphones (various topics) {{research:​projects:​talpas:​lbm-android.pdf | Details }} 
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