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  • Scalable Parallelization of Stencils using MODA (Nabeeh Jumah, Julian Kunkel), In High Performance Computing, Lecture Notes in Computer Science, Springer International Publishing, ISC 2019 Workshop: P3MA, Frankfurt, Germany, 2019-06-20
    Publication details


	author	 = {Nabeeh Jumah and Julian Kunkel},
	title	 = {{Scalable Parallelization of Stencils using MODA}},
	year	 = {2019},
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	booktitle	 = {{High Performance Computing}},
	publisher	 = {Springer International Publishing},
	series	 = {Lecture Notes in Computer Science},
	conference	 = {ISC 2019 Workshop: P3MA},
	location	 = {Frankfurt, Germany},

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