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  • Data Storage and Processing for High Throughput RNAi Screening (Julian Kunkel, Thomas Ludwig, M. Hemberger, G. Torralba, E. Schmitt, M. Hausmann, V. Lindenstruth, N. Brown, R. Schneider), Heidelberg, Germany, German Symposium on Systems Biology 2009, 2009
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	author	 = {Julian Kunkel and Thomas Ludwig and M. Hemberger and G. Torralba and E. Schmitt and M. Hausmann and V. Lindenstruth and N. Brown and R. Schneider},
	title	 = {{Data Storage and Processing for High Throughput RNAi Screening}},
	year	 = {2009},
	location	 = {Heidelberg, Germany},
	activity	 = {German Symposium on Systems Biology 2009},

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