author	 = {Michael Blesel},
	title	 = {{Compiler assisted translation of OpenMP to MPI using LLVM}},
	advisors	 = {Michael Kuhn},
	year	 = {2017},
	month	 = {10},
	school	 = {Universität Hamburg},
	howpublished	 = {{Online \url{}}},
	type	 = {Bachlor's Thesis},
	abstract	 = {OpenMP and MPI are the two most commonly used parallelization APIs in the field of scientific computing. While OpenMP makes it relatively easy to create parallel software, it only supports shared memory systems. MPI software can be executed on distributed memory system and therefore offers higher scalability options. Unfortunately MPI software is more difficult to implement. This thesis discusses an approach to automatically translate OpenMP programs into MPI programs. With help of the tools provided by the LLVM Project, a transformation pass for the LLVM compiler is developed, which replaces OpenMP with MPI during the compilation of a program.},

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