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	abstract	 = {Providing reliable estimates of possible anthropogenic climate
change is the subject of considerable scientific effort in the climate
modeling community. Climate model simulations are computationally
very intensive and the necessary computing capabilities can be provided
by supercomputers only. Although modern high performance computer
platforms can deliver a peak performance in the Petaflop/s range, most
of the existing Earth System Models (ESMs) are unable to exploit this
power. The main bottlenecks are the single core code performance, the
communication overhead, non-parallel code sections, in particular serial
I/O, and the static and dynamic load imbalance between model partitions.
The pure scalability of ESMs on massively parallel systems has
become a major problem in recent years. In this study we present results
from the performance and scalability analysis of the high-resolution
ocean model MPIOM and the atmosphere model ECHAM6 on the largescale
multicore cluster ”Blizzard” located at the German Climate Computing
Center (DKRZ). The issues outlined here are common to many
currently existing ESMs running on massively parallel computer platforms
with distributed memory.},
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